A bit about me…

Having served four years active-duty, Air Force I have been to Kuwait, Spain and pretty much all over the country.  After serving my sense of adventure and the desire to serve and help did not cease.  I went on to be a firefighter for 22 years, where I met my husband.  We competed in the firefighter combat challenge together and I was on ESPN!   I ranked 11th in the world and third in the country at a point in time.  Married going on 14 years and four children later the adventure continues!  My children range from 15 to 2 in age, with the youngest being on the Spectrum.   I have a huge desire to help our children with Neuro-Developmental Disabilities.  I’m incredibly concerned at the health of our children in the rapid rate of decline as well as the growing lack of concern. I love learning about all things natural reducing toxic load living healthier lifestyles moving away from main stream and corporate medicine. I have a desire to learn more about and embrace minimalistic approach to life and strive to empower others with natural solutions improve and optimize the health of their mind, body and soul.



“I have been on my Utrition since February of this year. I have ms, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, bad digestion and nutrient absorption, and recently adrenal fatigue. I was introduced to a nutrigenomics that put my ms, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue in remission NRF1 and NRF2. I have blood test done every 30 days to check my entire body. Since I have been on Utrition my doctors have asked what I am doing differently and I share my story of taking DNA Designer Nutrition. Many have been on the doctors call and looking to sign up to be practitioners. I have worked in healthcare for over 30 years and sharing my testimony is helping people live longer and heal. The best part is I have medical studies on everything I am putting into my body. I just got my cortisol checked and my levels have improved greatly that I can stop taking my thyroid medication. I know the proper nutrigenomics heal and biohacking is the new medicine. I love my Utrition.”